Overview Through padrino-lazy, we can include some common properties shared between the model object used a base model object Padrino is very good framework, and almost follows the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself) When we need to have some common properties shared between the model object of our ORM, using the generator padrino-gen, We can only include these properties in each model to generate. I hope this idea will be included in Padrino Framework. Principle / Step

  1. generate a model
  2. convert the model into base model ( move this model into lib/ folder)
  3. save config file with model base’s list
  4. generate a model from base model
  5. generate a migration file

Usage Step 1-2-3

$ padrino-lazy base –c config_file –b base_model_name –f field_to_create

Step 4-5

$ padrino-lazy model –c config_file –b base_model_name –f field_to_create –m model_name


gem install padrino-lazy –pre


$ padrino-lazy base –c config –b BaseModel –f “create_at:datetime is_active:boolean”

now we have lib/base_model.rb class BaseModel

include DataMapper::Resource

property ,

property :id, Serial property :create_at, DateTime property :is_active, Boolean



--- - base: BaseModel fields: create_at:datetime is_active:boolean

$ padrino-lazy model –c config –b BaseModel –f “name:string have_children:boolean born:date foo:integer” –m User


class User < BaseModel

property ,

property :name, String property :have_children, Boolean property :born, Date property :foo, Integer end


migration 1, :create_users do up do create_table :users do column :id, Integer, :serial => true column :name, String column :have_children, Boolean column :born, Date column :foo, Integer end end

down do drop_table :users end end


migration 2, :add_basic_model_to_user do up do modify_table :users do add_column :name, String add_column :have_children, Boolean add_column :born, Date add_column :foo, Integer end end

down do modify_table :users do drop_column :name drop_column :have_children drop_column :born drop_column :foo end end end

Known issue

  • VERY VERY alpha code !! (thanks to my pig/lazy side :D )
  • —f options need dobule quote around fields
  • —b write in CamelCase
  • TESTING only with datamapper and activerecord into linux machine


  • Test all code !
  • Use Padrino::Generators instead of Commander
  • Default config file name (very lazy :P )


  • Team Padrino
  • DaddYE
  • Piedinodifata

CODE https://github.com/WaYdotNET/padrino-lazy