#  giovedì 4 dicembre 2008

TierDeveloper 6.1 is now free software

Alachisoft has released TierDeveloper 6.1 as free software (previous version priced at $1495/developer). TierDeveloper lets you develop major chunks of your .NET applications in a matter of hours and days instead of weeks and months. TierDeveloper is one of the most feature-rich ORM code generators in the market.

It provides you the following:


- Map and generate .NET persistence and domain objects in C# and VB.NET

- Design and generate custom ASP.NET and Windows Forms GUI seamlessly

- Generate web services and WCF server layers and proxy client objects

- Powerful Template IDE to let you customize existing or write new code generation templates

- Full support for .NET 2.0/3.5 and Visual Studio 2005/2008

Download TierDeveloper 6.1 Free Software

TierDeveloper 6.1 Information