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Padrino Admin another new layout (based on Twitter Bootstrap v2.0-wip) user: pass: test PLEASE DON’T CHANGE LOGIN/PASSWORD Additional feature: ✔ Padrino-Modal: rack-flash and delete function into modal :D ✔ highlights error field ✔ tof helper: Automatic replace true or false with relative image (list.slim and list.haml) ✔ Breadcrumbs ✔ Automatic time_ago_in_words when column model is created_at or updated_at ✔ Migrate function for MiniRecord clone my repository and enjoy :D See the code and comment please !

CoffeScript (1.1.1) on Windows: simple method !

CoffeScript (1.1.1) on Windows: simple method ! Inspiration: To use CoffeScript you need: Node.js CoffeeScript Batch file to run CoffeeScript  STEP 1: Node.js  I’m very very lazy dev… :D And i don’t recompile NodeJs into Windows….. but I’m using v0.4.7 from [many thx] and install into: D:>cd ToolsNodeJsbin D:ToolsNodeJsbin>node –version v0.4.7  STEP 2: CoffeeScript  Use the last version , grab it from https://github.

LAZY Agnostic Application Generators (padrino-lazy)

Overview Through padrino-lazy, we can include some common properties shared between the model object used a base model object Padrino is very good framework, and almost follows the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself) When we need to have some common properties shared between the model object of our ORM, using the generator padrino-gen, We can only include these properties in each model to generate. I hope this idea will be included in Padrino Framework.


Original idea from Original script using imagemagick: Using scrot : (defun org-screenshot () “Take a screenshot into a time stamped unique-named file in the same directory as the org-buffer and insert a link to this file.” (interactive) (setq filename (concat (make-temp-name (concat (buffer-file-name) “” (format-time-string “%Y%m%d%H%M%S_")) ) “.png”)) (call-process “scrot” nil nil nil “-s” filename) (insert (concat “[[” filename “]]")) (org-display-inline-images))